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Good Recommendations for Beginner Developers

I'm writing this to mainly beginner developers. First of all, still I'm a beginner developer and a student. I would like to share my knowledge sources with others. I think basic developers should have to explore about language, I recommend "JAVA, JS, C++" is a must to know.

Why E-commerce is not suitable for all type of goods??????

What is an e-commerce: we the people of who live in modern world already heard about this topic, no any doubt its buying, selling, marketing and distributing of goods or services over the internet. in this case we are mainly eyes off to the goods, we can saw many of Advantages in e-commerce (eg: Globalpresence, 24/7 opening, Reduced costs, etc..)

Getting Started on AWS

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a leading provider of Cloud Computing recently. theirs Netflix, Dropbox, LinkedIn, BBC, Facebook, ESPN are using AWS Services and AWS has a much range of Services on their own, for use in the cloud industry. This is a new series where I'm going to be blogging about AWS certifications and how we can prepare for these certifications.

How I started Designing

When i was grade 7 year 2010 I saw a big revolution between graphic design, those days i only know that name. Graphic design includes Motion designing and Still designing, in that days Grade 11,12,13 s are organised so many memorable days which are related to there study feilds.

Project Management

In this topic, we should have to get known about what is Project Management . Project Management is simply "the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time" "A Project Manager is a person who is responsible for leading the project.